Think you can’t do yoga? Think again by finding the right class for you!

home instruction

Many clients leave YOGI M.D. with the  strong desire to practice at home. While we know that online instruction  can never replace one-on-one practice at the studio, below we have  outlined some basic techniques and poses that can be done easily at  home.

sun salutation

Start your home practice with a sun  salutation. Warm-up, find your center and connect your breath with your  movement. Below are three options. Choose the one that works best for  you 


Poses & Purpose

Below are descriptions of poses that can be used to improve strength and  balance.  Included is an explanation of its physical purpose and mental  benefit, as well as the conditions that should not perform the poses.  These poses can all be modified with the assistance of a wall, chair, or  block.



 PURPOSE – Strengthens the shoulders, core, and legs; benefits posture

BENEFIT – improves concentration and focus

CAUTION – Shoulder and back injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome

Half Moon


PURPOSE – hip opener; strengthens supporting leg and foot, improves balance

BENEFIT – increases energy/stamina and decreases stress

CAUTION– hip, knee, or ankle injuries, hypotension



PURPOSE – strengthens shoulders, arms, core, and legs
BENEFIT – improves focus reduces stress
CAUTION– shoulder and knee injuries