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Yoga is for anybody and every body…old or young, flexible or stiff, thin or not so thin. It can be practiced for a lifetime, with the right approach. Our population is aging, and it is more important than ever to find a safe physical practice to preserve our healthiest bodies and brains. That is why I offer gentle, yet appropriately challenging yoga classes. As a yoga teacher, health coach, and retired doctor, my experience and evidence-based approach is perfect for aging bodies. The most rewarding moments come with the smile on a student's face who leaves class pain free and energetic - having doubted she could do yoga.

YOGI M.D. Podcast

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 The YOGI M.D. Podcast empowers the mature woman to make her health a priority in order to thrive in all the stages of her life. Defining health cannot be constrained by the simplistic formula of diet and exercise alone. That’s why we interview experts, to expand her definition of health to include physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well being. That’s why we talk to inspiring men and women who share the lessons they’ve embraced on their journeys to holistic health. That’s why we bring you “The Mindful Minute”, episodes with practical tips to make each day healthier than the last.  

ACE Certified Health Coach

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As an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified health coach, YOGI M.D. helps clients learn to practice lifelong, meaningful behavioral changes  for a healthy life through exercise guidance, nutrition education, and  behavioral change coaching. YOGI M.D. is also a certified Senior Fitness Specialist, serving older adults to promote active aging through  appropriate exercise modifications.

Connect Body & Mind

YOGI M.D. empowers mature women, through yoga, to maintain healthy minds and bodies so that they may live life on their own terms, at every stage. Whether suffering from chronic or acute conditions, my medical training and practical application will provide the knowledge and spiritual connection to manage physical and mental stress.  I know that the more you understand your body, the stronger connection with the power of the mind. The more you are in tune with both, the more your body will respond positively and naturally.

Yoga offers natural methods to improve health. From common chronic conditions such as back pain, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint replacements, scoliosis, or osteoporosis, I can provide the knowledge and instruction to improve your quality of  life. To make yoga practice accessible for different bodies, I offer modifications and teach in the chair, in the water, and on the floor with props for your comfort.

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Upward Salute yoga position


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“I had just retired and needed an activity that would motivate me to become physically active. My posture, breathing, and ability to focus have greatl senior gentle yoga Sawyer Chicago y improved. Nadine has provided me with skills and techniques that have been very effective in my everyday life.”
- Chair Yoga Participant

“Nadine’s medical background offers a unique aspect and her individual coaching is much appreciated. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so we need to modify what we do on an individual basis. Nadine is well aware of this and helps us all based upon our specific needs.”
- Chair Yoga Participant

“She’s someone you want to be around.”
- Cancer Survivor

“I’ve been in class since 2015 and class has continued to evolve. If we were only doing the same thing for 3 years, I’d be long gone. Where would there be growth? It’s an interesting class - didactic in that we learn why we do various activities. There is both emotional and physical aspects. We even use our brains! What more can you ask of an instructor?”
- Chair Yoga Participant

“My family is so happy with my energy. They are very active people.”
- Chair Yoga Participant  

“She explains everything in simple terms, so we can understand what everything we do can help us. She is such caring person! You feel better about yourself. She has made a group of strangers become friends. We all care about each other. There is so much more I can say.”
- Chair Yoga Participant

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