Yoga/How To

Right Class For You

YOGI M.D. offers three categories of  classes that have been developed to meet the needs and challenges of  those with chronic and acute pain: Aqua Yoga, Chair Yoga and Gentle  Yoga.  Please see the descriptions to identify the class that might be  right for you. 

Not sure which class is the best fit? Contact me and I will  guide and help you make the best selection based upon your physical  situation.

Aqua Yoga

Example of pool yoga.

 Performed in a  pool, postures are supported in the water, relieving stress on the  joints. It is well-suited for those with chronic pain including hip and  knee replacements, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis or rehabilitating  injury.

Chair Yoga

Example of chair yoga.

Either sitting or standing by a chair, this form of yoga is recommended  for beginners, those with chronic pain, physical disabilities, weight  constraints, injuries, or post-surgery.

Gentle Yoga

Example of floor yoga.

 We emphasize stretching,  limbering, and holding gentle poses while focusing on breathing. We also  learn relaxation and meditation techniques. It is recommended for  beginners, those who want to gently increase strength and flexibility  due to pain or injuries, and those in the mood for a slow and gentle  practice. ​

home instruction

Many  clients leave YOGI M.D. with the  strong desire to practice at home.  Online instruction  can never replace one-on-one practice at the studio, but please see some basic techniques and poses that can be done easily at home below.

sun salutation

Start  your home practice with a sun  salutation. Warm-up, find your center  and connect your breath with your  movement. Below are three options.  Choose the one that works best for  you