Our Yogi Nadine Kelly, M.D.

For years, Nadine was a practicing physician in a thriving community  hospital setting. But despite having reached what she thought was her  ultimate goal, something was missing – a sense of true fulfillment. The  time had come to focus on health, wellness, and prevention. Already a  yoga practitioner and first degree black belt in taekwondo, Nadine was  passionate about the connection of mind, body, and spirit. She  understood the numerous physical and mental benefits of yoga in  maintaining health and controlling a range of chronic conditions. Nadine  is dedicated to bringing flexible bodies and minds to kids and teens as  well as healing and gentle yoga to baby boomers and beyond.

“Anyone who can take a breath can do yoga.”


Our Studio

Inviting, warm, and resplendent with natural light, our studio strengthens the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga props are also available to provide our clients with the support for a safe and healthy practice.